Nail & Toe Bar

High quality products guaranteed!

We are a professional nail salon with the highest quality of work and standards.

We take great pride in our work, great care in our customers, and great craftsmanship in our services

We offer for customers all kinds of nails which are latest updated in magazines and offer from all nail supplies provide.  For example Acrylic,  gel nail (pink, pink and white), overlays,  manicure and pedicure,  no chip manicure and pedicure,  eyebrow  , arm and legs waxing. We also do eyelash extension and hair. We have offered special packages for manicure and pedicure,  acrylic nail, gel nails or no chip manicure with pedicure. Nail design is offered as well. We confident that our salon use most all the best products from all nail supplies to give customers the great experience when they come to our nail salon. Our pedicure room are private with a separate wall so customers will feel more comfortable and relaxing when they get their feet done.