Tan smart


The secret to responsible tanning is to avoid burning. In Tanning Loft, our staff are trained to assess your skin type and recommend a tanning session tailored to your individual skin type.

Do’s & Don’ts:

Do not exceed 3 sessions per week.
Always wear the goggles provided.
Cover any large, raised or discoloured moles, stickers are available for this purpose in all our stores.
Always leave at least one full day between sessions.
Do not use sunbeds if you are unable to tan in the Sun. Some people cannot tan – usually red haired people with very fair freckled skin and pale eye colour.

We strongly recommend the use of tanning lotions to provide vitamins and to moisturise your skin. Our staff will help you choose the right lotion to suit you.

Lotions hydrate the skin allowing a deeper tan that lasts longer – dry skin reflects light giving you a surface tan that fades quickly – hydrated skin allows the UV rays to penetrate more deeply, giving a longer lasting tan.

Lotions increase the result of the tanning session by stimulating melanin production making you darker more quickly.

Lotions will protect the skin from wrinkles – skin loses moisture during the tanning session, lotion hydrates the skin reducing the potential for wrinkles.

Tanning Loft staff recommends Australian Gold tanning lotions, the worlds number one brand in tanning creams. We sell Australian Gold Sun Cream, Tanning Lotions, Intensifier Oils & Moisturisers.