Spray tan

No matter what skin type you are, a spray tan is the most effective, natural, quick and safest way of achieving that bronzed babe look! Whether you want to be a bronzed Goddess all year long or want to get a healthy glow as a pick up or for a Special Event, you can do it safely without risking skin damage with our fab range of tans.

Let our certified sunless spray tanning technician give you that just-off-the-beach glow! Escape to a pampering bronzing spa treatment with our all natural solution. Fortify your skins natural defenses while being sprayed to receive that beautiful natural glow! Our Solution is also absorbed by the skin easily and works it’s magic to reduce inflammation and slows the oxidation process that most often causes pre mature aging of the skin.. A Spray Tan is perfect for bridal parties, bachelorette parties, cheerleading/dance competitions, special events, girls nights, and so much more!

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