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Ergoline Excellence 700 Turbo Power

The Excellence 700 Turbo Power is one of the preferred choices of our customers, with its powerful 51 lamps, Neck tan and shoulder tanners to give a more even balanced tan in the comfortable cooled air conditioned cabin, you will enjoy aqua fresh and aroma sensors together with Vibra sound for your enjoyment and an easy to follow voice guide. Conditioning will keep you comfortable and cool while you listen to relaxing music via the surround sound speakers.


Ergoline Excellence 800

This unit is packed with all the power that Ergoline prides itself for, such as the ‘Ultra VIT Max’ technology that identifies and targets high-pressure parts of the body area for a more natural-looking tan. The Excellence 800 tanning bed line also features Ergoline’s patented ‘Temptronic’ technology that recognizes that not all tanners have the same tolerance to heat, and therefore lets users control their own tanning temperature. Add in the ‘Vibra Sound’ technology and it’s very easy to see why the Excellence 800 tanning bed is preferred by almost all customers who have tried it before.

megaSun T200 Pure Energy

Designed to be a star. In the beginning there was a dream, of a completely new sun shower, of a completely new design. And now this dream has become reality: megaSun Tower pureEnergy. With its fascinating appearance and innovative Technology, this is the shining centre of attention. No role model, no compromises – from head to toe an original megaSun. Sometimes the head decides, sometimes the heart. Why not listen to both – with the megaSun Tower pureEnergy.


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